Vintage Finds

On the weekend there was a street that had six garage sales in it.


The girls were up early as they didn't want to miss out on any bargains. Oh dear! I've create little garage sale junkies.

We had a great time and we all found exciting stuff. Even daddy was happy because he had the morning by himself to relax. A rare occasion.

Our new cute elves

Three lovely old floral prints at $3.00 each

This sweet print was $1.00

I just need to find the right shade for this Italian base, which was $3.00

I love this cute little doggy, even though he is an ashtray. He looks so good next to the lamp.
Do you think some dried flowers, like rose petals would look good in the dish?

Start each day in a happy way.

I seem to have a collection going of Holly Hobby.

How good is this, an Elizabeth David Italian food book never used for $4.00.


Bounty Huntress said…
Great finds! I'm lovin' on that ash tray!

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