Summer Holiday




Rare White kangaroo's


Hello all,

I hope everyone had a wonderful festive season.

We had everyone coming to our house for the first time ever, which was lovely as my mother and one of my sisters had never been before and Andy's brother and his family from Sydney also came.

We are now having a road trip beach holiday. We just spent four nights at Portland and loved the long expanse of beach with it's soft white sand. The girls enjoyed surfing the waves on their boogie boards, while I took the dog for a long walk, the water was a bit cold for me.

We are now staying at a small fishing village in South Australian just over the Victorian border called Port McDonnell. Yesterday was blistering hot with the temperature reached over 45 degrees with gale force winds, lucky we were able to get relief by plopping into the ocean. Thank goodness the weather changed in the afternoon, it actually was cold enough to put on coats, so we had a pleasant sleep.

I am using my IPad, so please excuse the poor layout and photo's.

Interesting rock formations.


Shelly Beach Portland



A most welcome breakfast, beats toast or cereal at camp.


I couldn't pass up the chance for a trashy read.

This vintage 70's romance was hilarious and .50 cents from an op shop.





Sounds like a lovely time away. Hope you don't swelter too much in this extreme heat we're experiencing! Gotta love a trashy read every now and then!!
Trudy said…
Yay for trashy reads in the summer holidays!
Love the photos!
The Darjeeling Darlings
ALoadofOldTat said…
It's so funny to read a title; Summer Holiday when we are busy dodging snow and ice. I just love the seasons.

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