Last Days

After a long day of driving we finally arrived at Goolwa our final stay.

It is a very relaxed town with a magnificent beach that stretches for about fifteen kilometers, ten kilometers of that you can drive on all the way to where the Murray River meets the sea. Some days it looked like a highway with 4wds pootling up and down, which can't be good for the ecosystem or the tranquility.

We spent most days splashing in the waves, with the girls boogie boarding and also learning to surf on our new board. On some days we wandered around and explored a bit but mostly time was just spent relaxing and catching up with some friends that were also there.

It's definitely a part of Australia that we will go back to, we just have to brace ourselves for the ten hour drive back.

It was a long walk across the sand dunes to pop out further up the beach.

Our last day was cooler and wet, we didn't mind as we needed a break from the sun. It was also the perfect day for us to finally put the car onto the sand and drive up to the river mouth, as there was hardly anyone around.

Almost there. We left the car and walked the last few hundred meters.

The Murray River mouth.

As I found them, styled by nature

Didn't know I was a twitcher did you. Well either did I.
I just had to take these photo's of all the different bird life we saw while driving along, tyre tracks and all.

People cockle hunting, a quite day today, some days you can see people all along the beach digging for the cockles, some use them for fishing, others for eating.

Looking out to the sea from a different view of the Murray.

Tired but happy.


simmone said…
You all have some lovely memories to treasure, thank goodness for digital cameras, 10 hour drive eeek!

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