Vintage Finds

We all know country towns have good op shops. So when I'm away I must must must have a little look to see what can be found.

My only regret was on the trip home we passed through quite a few towns that would have had goodies but I knew that if we had stopped we wouldn't have got home till midnight and my usually patient man would have had steam coming out of his ears.

We came across a garage sale in a retirement village and I picked up this sewing bag for fifty cents. 
The wool I purchased from a spinner at the Goolwa market.
 I just love it's nobbly colourfulness, me thinks this will be knitted into a big chunky scarf.

Roll of wallpaper fifty cents.
Wooden coat hangers twenty cents for a bundle, I bought all four bundles.

One dollar for each of these.

Fifty cents for each of these.
Two more Ladybird books to add to the collection.

These books by Marcel Marlier have the most gorgeous illustrations in them
and they only cost me fifty cents each.

More retro Agatha Christie paperbacks

This Field and Forest Handbook by Dan Beard from 1906 is a first edition.
It's a real hoot and you never know when I meet need some of the advice given.

Many ways to make a candlestick holder.

How to saddle up Ol Dollar.

Sheets of music come in handy for papercraft

A package of tapestry wool with unfinished work for fifty cents.
I like what was started and I think I'll have a go at finishing it.

A bag of craft notions for also fifty cents.
Not sure what the long metal thing with the hook on the end is used for though. 
Any ideas?

Just what we needed a salt and pepper TV.

Lastly some good old games that were one dollar for both.

I also bought some fabric and prints but I'll save those for another day.


Meg said…
What fabulous finds. Lucky you xx
Lyndel said…
great finds, the hooks are for latch hook rugs I think.
Zara said…
The op-shops have been very good to you.
All those childrens books are lovely. They hold such beautiful illustrations.
simmone said…
Love the finds,esp. the coathangers. Also we have the how and why body book too.Looks like you had fun.
Trudy said…
My-oh-my that's a fair haul of goodies ... did you have to leave a child behind to accommodate them?!!
Susan said…
Hi Alison, you sure found some treasures in that haul! I love the colours in the squishy yarn. Those books bring back memories, some look very familiar. I still have my childhood copy of "Frosty the Snowman", it must be almost 60 years old! That salt and pepper "TV" takes the cake - it is really something special, isn't it? It would be hard to find another of those on this planet.
Allana said…
Sight.... great finds as usual Alison - and that wool is divine! :)
Tanya Murray said…
I need to shop where you're shopping! Could not pick a favourite out of that lot. The long thin metal hook looks like a tool that my father used to use with the knitting machine.
Bungalowgirl said…
Awesome little book collection. You know I have never found a ladybird book, must look more closely as I bet my kids would love them. Quite like your magazine holder too. mel x

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