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After leaving Portland we headed to the small fishing village of Port MacDonnell near Mt Gambier, where we stayed for four nights. Unfortunately we didn't have the lovely beach like at Portland but we enjoyed looking around and the girls had a go at fishing, where the only catch was seaweed.

Blue Lake - Mt Gambier

Baby penguin waiting for parents to come home

Sink Hole - Mt Gambier

New cameras

It was like finding a hidden world


Lyndel said…
thanks for sharing your Mt Gambier photos Alison, Vic and I were there a cpl of years ago, and I just loved the magical gardens of the sink hole. Amazing.
Sue said…
My parents went there over 10 yrs ago and showed us photos. It looks like it has grown quite a bit since then. Very beautiful!
Biddy Martha said…
Fantastic trip,great memories for your girls...
Allison said…
wow that sink hole is amazing, great pics! the one of the girls with their cameras...did they get some good shots?
Allison x
simmone said…
Wow,bet the girls enjoyed testing out the new cameras in there.Like a hidden world alright.

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