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Our trip is coming to an end and soon we will pack up for the final time and make the long haul home. We hope to be on the road early on Monday as the journey could take between 8 - 10 hours.

We've been in Goolwa for one week which has been our longest stay anywhere. It is where the Murray River meets the sea and is an amazing part of the country with so much to see. I have never seen a beach so long and so wide before, it goes on for miles. People actually drive there 4wd's onto it as it's to far to walk with all their gear and set up a base for a day of fishing, swimming, or digging at the waters edge for cockles.


Our days have been filled with swimming, surfing, exploring sand dunes, climbing over beach boulders with waves crashing around but we all need a rest sometime.

I caught Andy sneaking off into the tent for a quiet read and a potential nap.

The girls room, littered with books, clothes and toys.

A serious sized piece of fruit cake for afternoon tea.

Ahh! A lovely cuppa in the cooler afternoon.

The girls were off playing somewhere giving us a wee break.




Sounds like a lovely beach holiday. That part of the country is always chocka of holiday makers at this time of the year. My Mum and Dad lived at Victor Harbor up until August last year, so we know that area quite well. One of my sisters also lived there with her family and owned the Lolly Shop...'All Sweets and Treats' in Victor's main street. The current owners there are lovely. Have you visited there? Yum..yum!! There are 2 lolly shops so make sure you go to the one I mentioned above as it is the original one ;
Tanya Murray said…
That's how Craig eats his fruit cake! Have a lovely time guys.
Trudy said…
So relaxing ... is that cuppa one of your own blends? Just posted about you on my blog : -)

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