There's a cool breeze drifting in through the window, I should get out of bed but I'm enjoying the quite moment of the morning before the girls awake.

The last few days I've been in my girl cave, a little sad, feeling a little lost and I've realised that while I've been busy looking after the family, I've neglected me.

So Andy took the girls off to the pool yesterday and I played with my box of jewellery that had been hiding in the shed. I used to enjoy the process of design, laying out the beads to see what pattern looked best, then threading them onto the string. So I sat under the back verandah and sorted through the containers and discovered again the joy of making jewellery.

This piece was broken with beads floating around in the bottom of a bag. After a little bit of fiddling about, it's now wearable.

For almost a week now my faithful old friend the sewing machine has been away having a much needed service and I miss her terribly. I have gone to my sewing room with projects to sew or repair and she's not there. I really shouldn't complain as it's been positively years since she last had a service.

I also tried to download some photo's yesterday of some of my latest garage sale finds and the laptop didn't want to wake up properly. I hope Andy can manage to fix the problem. Thank goodness I have the Ipad to keep me going as I have online orders that need posting.

So I'm hoping that my sewing machine will be back on Friday, that the laptop still has a life and I shall enjoy the last of these lazy days as school starts later in the week.


Allison said…
Hi Al...hope you are feeling a bit happier and the girl cave gets a proper workout. holidays are tough on mums aren't they...its hard work at the best of times but holidays are something else. we can enjoy so much of it but I think its really draining barely getting a moment (mentally and physically) to yourself. My girl cave has gone by the wayside as now my two littlies think its the best place to hang out and play....must put a stop to that!
One of mine is back at school tomorrow....yaaay!
great that you have re-discovered an old love....would love to see what you create.
Al x
Allana said…
Thinking of you Alison. I must admit to feeling much the same lately, a struggle to get out of bed in the mornings and bags down to my knees. Sounds like your "you" time was a good start. I hope you can rest and heal even more in the coming days/weeks. hugs xxx
Susan said…
Hi Alison, its the midsummer and post Christmas doldrums! I'd be happy to stay in bed all day, if I had that pretty window to look at! Maybe you should have joined the sewing machine and gone in for a service too! I hope your zing returns when the machine comes back.
Bungalowgirl said…
Totally know what you mean, the holidays were just a little too long at our place. need a few weeks to recover. mel x
Biddy Martha said…
A late comment but still worth a go. Love that piece of jewellery. Did you make it. I lost a favourite earing today whilst in the garden leaning down, picking tomatoes..Oh well, it wasn't that expensive,so now, i guess, i can get myself a present, a new pair of earings !

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