We arose early to make our way make home. The girls still in their pj's snuggled into their pillows and blankies while we quietly packed up the car and trailer.

In record time of one hour we had packed up and were on the road.With a  few brief stops we finally made the ten hour journey back home to Melbourne in time to pick up our much missed Miss Pixie from care.

We were all excited to see her, even Lucy who gave her a sniff and a lick. She was also happy to see us giving us lots of cuddles and following us around.

It's so nice going away but it's even better to come home. Being away camping for over two weeks makes you appreciate the little luxuries of home.

I don't really mind the multitude of washing.

I'm happy shopping to fill up the fridge with lots of food and not have to buy everyday as our portable fridge was small.

I'm most grateful for my nice comfy bed.

I don't have to crawl out of bed in the early hours of the morning and walk across the camp ground to the toilet. (I don't know why my bladder can't hold on, it only happens when camping.)

I can open my wardrobe and decide what to wear instead of rummaging through a bag with a choice of two or three items.

We can enjoy our meals indoors without wind, rain or flys.

The enjoyment of a shower where you can sing and only your family can hear you.

This year for Christmas we gave the girls cameras and they enjoyed snapping away, Andy also had his own camera which I am yet to download them but here are some images from my camera. 

Portland and surrounds

The Grampians

Botanical Gardens - Portland


GLAD to know you're back safe & sound Alison....!!

LOVE your pics....Especially the first one of the baby seal....!!!

I can't believe how much the girls have grown since I saw them last....!!!!!

Have a FAB week,
Tamarah :o)
Trudy said…
Enjoy your bed tonight!! Great photos, especially the seals : -)
simmone said…
Awesome pics, love the cave!

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