Vintage Finds

A Sunday garage sale usually has less dealers arriving early, so I hoped I would have some luck in finding some goodies. I arrived 15 minutes early and saw people already walking away with some treasures. Blast!!

There were lots of boxes to scrounge through and hidden treasures still to discover. I walked away happy with these finds.

Chicken, rooster and clock $1.00 each

Remember these fabric dolls from the 70's, I so wanted one when I was little
and for $1.00 she is now mine. Her nose is a little grubby but that's ok.

Yet another old case $2.00.

Doulton Grecian Key $20 the lot

Swinnertons b & b plates and saucers $4.00
I just love the colours.

These were hidden in a plain looking box and it was love at first sight.
Just look at the gorgeous colours and they work. *Swoon*

Pop over to Sophie's for more finds.


MonetPaisley said…
Swoon is correct, I love the case and the typewriter. 2 things I have been looking for.....
Yes definetley swoon. Love those plates especially
ladychiara said…
Lovely finds! I like the chicken and rooster and the suitcase too! The typewriter looks in fabulous condition. You may be able to clean the 70s doll nose with a little carb soda rubbed in. :)
Sophie Isobel said…
Oh wow! Fabulous finds!! I love the old case and well, you know just how I feel about a pretty typewriter!
Sophie x
Cathy said…
great stuff!! I really like the clock!
Miss Snow said…
What gorgeous finds! So jealous - I never have such good luck!
wow Alison that looks like the perfect retro office goodies happening there! and the doulton is seriously THE BEST EVER lasagne tray my Mum has had one for about thirty years!
Kylie said…
I adore the colour of the Swinnertons too.
Gorgeous finds in that last box.
Love your little tic-toc too x
Oh wow you got some gorgeous goodies! That clock is a cutie. That type writer is so lovely in that blue.

E :)
DuckEggBlue said…
Wow, I never. That's a great days finds.
Lea said…
Great suitcase and I love the plates..the colours are lovely.
Jo said…
great garage sale treasures, the little doll is so gorgeous
Nelly said…
The Clock the case the typewriter Oh My!!
The little chicken and rooster are adorable. The Swinnertons plates are gorgeous colors. Nice finds!
Tanya said…
That display doll is a blast from the past. I desperately wanted one when I was about 8 and I was so proud when I finally got one. I think it was only about four days old when one of my baby brothers (I had 4) pushed both cheeks in. It just wasn't the same and I couldn't love her anymore so flawed. Some very powerful emotions looking at that doll. Have never seen one since so yours is a real surprise.

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