A Big Read

This book was recommended to me by the owner of my local cafe. He said he read it twice once in Spanish and once in English and said it was very exciting both times.

I was reluctant to start at first, as it has over 800 pages in small type and knew it would take me a long time to finish. I have never seen this as a film or been told about the content, so I didn't really know what the story was about. Dumas wrote it in the 1840's and I have to say it is so exciting.

I am now nearing the end with less than 200 pages to go and I'm finding I'm reading every spare moment as I'm intrigued as to how it will end.

This book has kept me entertained all winter long. I would sit in the cafe with my pot of chai and now and again my friend would check up on me and see where I was at in the story.

It's nice to share favourite books with someone, and I've enjoyed this recommendation. I hope to pass this on to Andy to read soon. He also has no idea about the story and is looking forward to see if it is as good as I've been saying.

What would you recommend to a friend as a great read?


Nelly said…
I did love Dianna Gabaldons books the 1st one being called Cross stitch or Outlander to non AU people.
Rachel said…
I just read this recently as well! I found it very entertaining and hard to put it down as well!
I like to recommend 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' by Tracy Chevalier because it's such a beautiful story.
simmone said…
Oh,I love this book.

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