Vintage Finds - Travel

A garage sale by friends moving OS and I spy with my excited eye these two old well travelled cases.

These also had to come home with me.

Old ship and hotel labels, the details on this one is 16th March 1968 Melb to Japan.
Another is the Hotel Luna Venezia.

Both cases $10.00.

They do however have a smell, not sure how to get rid of that due to the fabric lining.

Pop over to Sophies for more vintage goodies.


ladychiara said…
Oh Alison they are wonderful! Bicarb soda might do the trick for the smell and shouldn't do any harm. If you are concerned place the carb soda in a small dish and sit inside the cases. Or charcoal tablets from the pharmacy...definately place them in a container or you will have black everywhere! :)
Cathy said…
Snazzy! Those cases have history. Good luck with the smellies! The charcoal might work!
Allana said…
Gorgeous, how nice to have some actual history also! What about something like Fabreze like you would use for upholstery? :)
Lea said…
gosh gorgeous! I had a smell in an old plastic sewing box. i soaked cotton wool balls in lavender and placed in a zip lock bag and popped them inside the box with the bag open. now it smells like lavender. i'm sure there's lots of better solutions but thats what i had on hand and it worked.
Amazing suitcases!! I love the history.

I bought one today and it smells as well so I'm going to use these tips!

E :)
Lillabilly said…
Lovely finds! Would it help if you gave them an air in the direct sunshine for a few hours a day? Probably if you did everything that was listed here, you would have the sweetest smelling suitcases in Australia! :)
Trace said…
ooooo luscious finds!
Nelly said…
How nice are they.I have a regret that a few years back there was a leather suitcase for $10 and it had stickers on it and one said Mombai I didnt have any cash for it and when I went back it was gone.Still kicking myself.
Kylie said…
I absolutely love your old cases Alison, I bought one today too...not as nice as yours though.
chrisartist said…
I would sprinkle bi carb generously. Leave overnight then vacuum.
Lovely cases. I wish today's cases would hold stickers.
Rachel said…
I love that those suitcases still have travel stickers on them! It gives them so much personality!
PJ said…
the suitcases are perfection
Alison said…
Thanks for all the cleaning advice ladies, I'll be giving them all a try.
I'd stick them out in the sun for a while. (And only) then hold them close. They're gorgeous!
Hey Alison....!

GREAT suitcases Lovey....I agree with bi-carb though I'd pop it in a dish, close the lid & leave it for a FEW days....I'd then pop in a bar of lavender soap....I buy this GREAT soap called 'Country Home' from Safeway....$2.70 for 5 bars (I think) & I use it for this very purpose....!

Tamarah xx
BeckyKay said…
I had good luck with wadded up newspapers and dry coffee sprinkled inside a case like this. I left both the newspapers and coffee shut up inside the suitcase together for a couple days, then vacuumed up the coffee.
Tanya said…
Kitty Litter in a dish like a baking dish and close the lid and leave for a couple of days. Sometimes some of these jobs are too big for bi-carb.

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