First Recipe

Today I made the first recipe from the CWA cookbook.

Almond Biscuits.

This recipe had only 2 tbls of ground almonds and 4 cups of flour with a few drops of almond essence. Not really my idea of almond biscuits.

It did make heaps and I am so grateful for my new large oven as I was able to put 3 trays in at the same time.

They taste fine, nothing exciting though. Still my girls and Andy will polish them off.


sue said…
I love biscuits and I am sure you could fiddle with the recipe a bit. I have to say your teapot cozy looks very cute.
Kylie said…
you never know until you your tea cosy x
Katrina Higham said…
CWA is about waste not want not.....add your twist and they will be delicious!
chrisartist said…
I'm thinking by replacing some flour with Almond meal the biscuits may be much tastier.
Alison said…
Thanks girls for your advice, I agree. It's all about trial and error.

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