Any Ideas?

Ok! I know this is a bit strange, but I thought I'd ask and see if anyone can give me some advice.

Today I went shopping at a lovely Italian grocer's, enjoying wandering up and down looking at all the goodies. Anyway, I picked up this jar of wild onions in water and thought they looked nice, so I bought them.

When I got home I opened it and popped one in my mouth, thinking it would be something like a pickled onion. Well, let me tell you, within one crunch I couldn't get the thing out of my mouth quick enough. It was bitter and oh so salty. Ugh! I can still taste it.

What can I do with them, am I supposed to wash them first then use them in casseroles, are they going to taste nice then, or are they destined for the bin.

Can anyone help?


Lyndel said…
pop back down to the Italian's tomorrow and ask him or his Mrs. Sorry, all I can suggest.
Sorry, no idea - have you googled? I remember buying some preserved lemons once not really knowing how you used them - they're pretty vile when you just test them raw!
bec said…
No instructions on the jar? Google?
Tanya said…
Wow, sounds interesting, I've never heard of then before.
Kylie said…
I love pickled onions but I can't help you out with these Alison...please let us know when you do.
Lillabilly said…
Hi there Alison,

This is what I found...

There is a jar in this article that has been prepared "Apulian Style" with oils, herbs and wine vinegar - perhaps they would be nicer than ones in water...however, from what the author is saying, it looks like they are supposed to be bitter?

Though I'm Italian, my family is all from the central and northern regions and this seems to be a southern food (food in Italy is extremely regional!) so I've never heard of it! I will ask my folks next time I see them though...perhaps they might know.

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