This Week

This week I finally finished my mammoth read "The Count Of Monte Cristo", which I loved. I felt very lost without it, you know that's a sign of a good book. I needed something a bit lighter to read and decided on this one. I loved the film "Confessions of a Shopaholic" which was
based on this book, it has some similarities but is different enough to keep me interested.

I actually see a bit of me in this book, when I was younger. I had several shop cards and run them up to the max without little thought about having to pay the money back. Happy to say I've changed my ways.

I will get around to reading the books that other bloggers suggested, but I don't have them in my home library yet.

Apple and sultana cake another CWA recipe and a yummy one.

Ava has her plaster removed. Yay! But how do you tell a six year old she can't use the monkey bars for the next four weeks.

A stroll to the Fairfield Boathouse for afternoon tea, scones with lashings of cream.

My beach collections - driftwood

Ava's collections - stones

Sarah's collections - glass


MonetPaisley said…
What gorgeous girls you have....

They look close in age to mine.

It's such a delight to see them growing up. I try and make the weekends special for my girls. I remember looking forward to the weekends so much when I was young.

Glad the cast is off, how will you keep her off those monkeybars?
I've been slack with reading lately but now I wanna check out the book you just finished. Good luck keeping Ava off the monkeybars!

E :)
DuckEggBlue said…
My daughter broke her arm on the monkey bars, going for third bar, she then broke it again whilst still in plaster at 5 and a bit weeks, so take it slow, after that she can go for gold.
love the nature finds.
I love the beach glass in particular
chrisartist said…
Glad your little girl is mended.
Reading is such a great way to unwind isn't it.
I like your recipes!!
Tanya said…
You are three charming women and I love seeing the different collections. That Sarah is such a wise woman in disguise, but I see her. I am so glad Ava has her plaster off, the joy on her face said it all.

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