CWA Recipe #2 Lemon Delicious

Ooh yeah! This was yum. Ava's eyes popped out of her head with delight upon her first taste.

It could have been disastrous though, as I got distracted, and read 1 1/4 cups of flour instead of
1 1/4 tbls. I ended up scooping out as much as I could and hoped for the best. Phew! It worked.

Update on wild onions.

Thanks for the advice but I have had no success. I've googled but the recipes I found tend to use fresh wild onions, so really not the same and today I went back to the shop. Their advice was to cut them up and add to a salad, but they didn't really know. Maybe my taste buds are too delicate, I don't know. So I think I'll do some of my own experimenting, firstly I will wash away the salty brine, then let them soak in a balsamic, oil and herb bath. We shall see if that improves the little blighters.


Oh that looks yummy I might have to try making that!

E :)
frangipani said…
I recently tried this for the first time. It went down very well with my family. So easy and so...delicious!
Allana said…
Oh yum! I love Lemon Delicious, thanks for the idea.
How strange that no one knows about the wild onions, surely someone somewhere uses them!
chrisartist said…
Yum !! Is it like lemon meringue without the crust?
Your onions are a mystery.
Can't believe the shop assistants don't know. They usually have a customer they can ask. Ah! Maybe in Tassie where we know so many people.
Il ask at our deli.
Anonymous said…
Guess what!! I made lemon delicious pudding this week for the first time and put it in the same type dish as yours. First time ever using that enamel dish as well. How bizarre is that!!!
Big love and hugs your middle older sis - JLW
Aunty J sends her love to A & S. Some snail mail coming to the girls soon.
Alison said…
Hello my lovely sis,

We always seem to have these weird things happening that we do the same. I've never made this or used that dish before. Freaky!

Great to hear from you, same back at you XXOO, with snuggles and licks from the pets.
Lemon Delicious Pudding..yum, I haven't made that in such a long time...I have some lemons lurking in my kitchen so might just give it a go!! Love your enamel dish you used.

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