The Show Is Over

Today the girls are home as the school is recovering from performing for three nights in this years musical. The lead actors performed in all three nights and the rest of the cast& crew shared the roles. My girls were on opening night, for which I was glad to get it over and done with, as they have been so excited for weeks. There were over 400 guests at each night and the place was buzzing.

This was the first year for us to be a part of this biannual event and let me just say, we were astounded. It was absolutely fabulous. I have never seen such a wonderful quality production that involved the whole school.

It was hard to imagine that it was written by the students and they are only primary school children. There were laughs aplenty with moments of cuteness involving the little preps.

In the last scene which was close to 10pm, there was one little 5 year old who just couldn't hold it in any longer and had a little toilet accident on stage, my heart melted for her, one of the backstage crew a 5th or 6th grader, raced out and gently led her off stage, then another came out with a mop, while the musical kept on going, she was then gently led back out again while an older girl stood there with her hand on her shoulder so that she could continue her performance. It was so sweet to see such thoughtfulness, it brought tears to my eyes.

On the way home the girls were excited, then Ava said I'm not tired, not long after I looked around and the poor little petal was sound asleep.

Please excuse the photo quality.

The peasant and the courier

Sarah at center

These girls were delightful, singing little ditties throughout the musical

This girl in the pink vest, did an amazing performance.
The boy in the blue shirt was Prince Horatio The Heroic,
"he could dance, he could prance, he also wore funky pants".

The knights - Sir Talkalot, Sir Cryalot, Sir Dreamalot, Sir Helpalot.

Ava at center
The biker next to her was one of The Village people.
They all broke out into YMCA.

The Cast


Lyndel said…
looks like a wonderful Show. Well done to the Girls on their first night♥
Allana said…
Wow - that sounds, and looks like an amazing production! Those sets are incredible! Well done girls :) x
Bungalowgirl said…
That looks like an amazing show, how lucky for your girls to be involved like this. I want to go and watch it myself- looks like a complete cracker. I can't wait for my son to be involved in something like this at school- I had tears just watching them sing the school anthem at assembly today! melx
What a wonderful thing to be involved in! I'm glad everyone enjoyed themselves.

E :)

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