Paper Craft

A paper window box that Sarah finished yesterday. Unfortunately my photo does not do this justice.

I love the concepts from the French company "Djeco". We have a few other projects from them that involve stitching, that are yet to be completed.

We might try something like this again but using recycled items with lots of cutting, colouring and pasting.

Your only limited by your imagination.


WOW it's gorgeous! She did a great job.

E :)
debby emadian said…
I used to love doing projects like this with my daughter Hannah when she was younger...we have got some projects planned for the future but not always time to get together....

I'm looking forward to seeing the one made with recycled objects.
Lillabilly said…
Gracious! That is cute as pie!!
Flotsam Friends said…
It's just adorable. I'm in love with it. Has such a vintage feel to it and made with love - even better. Pruxxx
Looks amazing! So so cute:)

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