Finished "The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic", a fun quick read. Some parts made me cringe with embarrassment, others just made me laugh. All in all just what I needed as an in-betweenie.

This is my new read " The Caliph's House". I had read a review by Susan Kurosawa, who regularly writes in the Travel section of The Australian ( now that's some shoes I'd like to wear, she gets to go to all the great places), stating that this was an enjoyable book.

I do love a good travel story and Morocco was a place I didn't get to on my travels but would have liked to. Maybe in the future, but for now I'll just be an armchair traveller.


I just made a huge order from the book depository so I can't wait to get back into reading.

E :)
Reading is so enjoyable and you do feel lost sometimes once you finish an enjoyable book where you get transported into their world and don't want to leave!
Allana said…
I love a great easy read - can't wait to hear how the new one is, its sounds great :)

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