Vintage Finds

The girls and I went to a sweet little school fete on the weekend and had a lovely time. I was ecstatic to find these vintage goodies.

This lovely old bike with timber seat was $2.00 and it works as the girls had fun riding it down the street to the car with their fete toy bargains in the tray.

I love the colours of these dishes. I have some similar and they are great to put nuts, olives etc in. These ones will be for desserts, we could even have drinks out of them. $5.00 the lot.

This dreamy timber pram is just about one of the best things I have ever found. Price $10.00, I couldn't pay the lady quick enough.

I can see many fun times ahead in our new yard playing with this.

Wrought iron decoration, not sure if I'll use it inside or out yet.

Garden tools are definitely on my search hit list now and I paid $1.00 each for these old babies.

Don't forget to pop over to Sophie's for more vintage goodies.


A WONDERFUL bunch of Treasures Alison....ESPECIALLY the blue rake....It's GORGEOUS....!

Tamarah :o)
Lyndel said…
great finds! I can see the excitement about the new garden growing already! wonderful.
CurlyPops said…
That little trike reminds me of one that we used to play with at my nanas house. So cute!
Lillabilly said…
What great finds! When he was little, my brother had a trike very similar, though his had a metal seat and metal spokes on the wheels, otherwise it was exactly the same. And he is 43 years old! So there you go.
Wonderful finds, Alison. Love the old garden tools. I've got a thing about old wooden handled kitchen utensils, and my partner has been admiring rusty old tools recently!
Allana said…
Oh great finds!! So well priced too, well done :)
zigsma said…
The pram is adorable!! As is the wee trike. Lucky you and lucky little girls!
Melissa said…
wow what great finds and I just love love love that pram. What great treasures you have found this week!
Bungalowgirl said…
Just found your blog tonight and am excited to see you love treasure finding and have a wonderful new-old house coming your way. We have a lovely old bungalow style house in Brisbane named Betsy who became ours about 9 months ago and we are just too starting our own journey of chooks and house dreaming/planning. Pop over to and meet our chooks. We are a bit slow with the garden (partly due to rain/floods/natural disasters) but our dream was to have chooks and they are wonderful. Best of luck moving in and making her yours. There is no more satisfying cleaning than the one you do of your own home for the very first time.

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