My head is spinning with possibilities, colours, and interior designs. I have been pouring through magazines for years now and wishing for the day when I would be able to create our own space. Now I am returning to those special images and devouring the detail. Some are being ripped out and placed into a collection in an arts folder for easy reference.

My man has no interest in the finer details and calls it my department, which I'm more than happy to accept. He likes to work on the bigger details and we bounce around the ideas on what's the best way forward. Slowly, slowly with some gentle persuasion he usually see's my point of view. So we both agree not to do anything except underpinning, ripping up the carpet and a lick of paint where necessary at this stage. We need to live in it for a while to get the feel of the house and how the light move's within the rooms throughout the day, before anything else is to be done.

Some images that inspire me.

via Country Living UK

via Flea Market Style

via Sibella Court's "Etcetera"
My new best friend


trudi said…
The house looks wonderful, full of character and warmth. Your partner sounds very much like mine when it comes to the design and decorating department. Have fun with the planning!
Prior said…
love your images...can't wait to see what you do with the new home! Lezlee
Kate said…
Wow!! Huge congratulations. That is so exciting. It sounds like it was meant to be. Have a fab weekend.
It's so much fun looking through magazines, especially now that you have a house that you can transform. I will enjoy following you and your journey!
DuckEggBlue said…
You mention Two book I love and two people I love, have you seen Modern Vintage Style another book by Emily Chalmers, you will love it.
I['m so excited for you. Look forward to seeing its transformation.

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