Thank You

To all you beautiful people in blogland.
Thank you for all your well wishes, it was overwhelming.
We are still on cloud nine for now anyway, until the reality of whats ahead hits us.
The journey will be long, but we hope you will enjoy sharing the adventure with us, warts and all.

Have a lovely weekend.

P.S. I found the most wonderful vintage finds today, which I will share with you in a day or two.


Posie Patchwork said…
Congratulations on the new home, yahoo!! Looks fantastic, a place to make yours. Love Posie
Lillabilly said…
Goodness gracious, I am offline for a couple of days and look what happens! A big congrats from me too, there's nothing quite like having a place of your very own.
Tanya said…
The house is so beautiful. It has a warm family vibe about it. It is going to be so happy to have you and the children. So much land too. If I may give you a piece of advice though; don't be in too much of a rush about making any major changes. Live with it first and you are sure then that any changes you make are perfect the first time. After all you have years ahead of you. You never know, sometimes it's the little imperfections of things we grow to love so much.
Alison said…
Wise words indeed. Thanks Tanya.
DuckEggBlue said…
Hi Alison,
Blogland is so small really, I love Ceres as you can see and you are so lucky to be probably closer than me, I am in Coburg. Your new house looks great, congratulations. How wonderful to now be able to pull out all those things that have inspired you and be able to translate some into the bones of your home. Look forward to following your progress on it all.

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