Combi Love

I have a dream.

I dream about owning a vintage combi.

My girls also want mummy to have a combi.

Even my man says one day he'd like me to get one.

How cool would that be.

The holiday's we could have in it.

The shopping for vintage finds, more space for goodies.

Combi love

Sarah's combi she drew for me last night.
Notice her spelling, "cobmi".
I didn't have the heart to correct her.

Ava's combi, with me at the window driving over the rainbow.


Posie Patchwork said…
Oh so long as it's not one of those awful kombis with the giant penis drawn on the side, why am i seeing so many of them on the road?? Sure yours would be rainbows & butterflies, a nice change to the horrible Wicked Hire ones. Oh the places you will go . . . love Posie
Anonymous said…
you've gotta love a combi! and imagine the adventures waiting to be had. you simply MUST have one!!

ladychiara said…
Ahhhh memories LOL. My ex owned 2 combi's when we met. He was using one for parts to make the other whole and driveable.

Somebody that lives near my son's high school has a wonderful old combi decorated with rainbows and peace signs etc. I smile every time I see it.

I love the pictures your girls drew for you.It's obvious you MUST have one LOL. Maybe you can ask Santa? ;)
Have a great weekend.
Lyndel said…
OH I had one in the late 1960s in Germany, It was used for lugging supplies around, not holidaying, and it was old and beaten up, mid-blue. I took a paintbrush to it! painted it 1/2 dark green, 1/2 black (Combi's do have a lovely ridge all the way around to define 2-tone), and then we painted a giant yellow Kangaroo on the slide, bit like the Qantas Roo without his wings. I used paints from my OH's work, metal paints they used to spraypaint large pieces of machinery!!
everyone in our little village knew us.I loved that van and unfortunately not one photo of it survives today. that's sad.
Bungalowgirl said…
Love your girls artwork. They have definitely captured the magic that is a combi.
Allana said…
*sigh* I would love one too. It sounds like you are meant to have one, I'm sure your dream will one day come true! Love the drawings :)

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