Things that made me smile today.

Autumn leaves

Four winged butterfly

Funny feet



Jeanie said…
I love the idea of sharing things that make you smile. Is this something you share often? Hope it's okay if I borrow this idea from time to time. I often see something a little odd and smile. The latest thing I noticed was a huge flower growign at the bast of a street pole (you know those huge ugly ones). The bright orange flower just looks so out of place that you can't help but smile. PS love the funny feet LOL
Alison said…
Be my guest, it's nice to share, especially when it makes you smile.

I'd love to see the flower.
Miss Snow said…
Lovely! I love the picture of the Autumn leaves, and the funny feet made me giggle to myself :)
Lyndel said…
oh little Miss' funny feet made me smile too. I have my gr'daughter here for 2 weeks hols. so I'm smiling every day at present♥
Jeanie said…
Alison, thanks for the inspiration for this post.
Ames and Tash said…
Loving the butterfly! Have a wonderful week :)

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