It Was Meant To Be

Have you ever read or seen the film "Under The Tuscan Sun", well you may remember how she came across her house by accident and the circumstances in how she acquired it, from the elderly owner. Well some times fate does happen.

I recently told you about how we chanced upon our house briefly on the internet and after a half hour viewing, later that evening the house became ours.

Well again today fate stepped in.

I had organised with the agent and a builder another viewing to get some quotes for repairs. As I was waiting out the front a car pulled up and it wasn't either of the people that I was expecting, but the elderly owner and her son. (The agent arrived late and the builder didn't show up and has rescheduled.)

They had arrived at the same time to do some clearing out. We introduced ourselves and I immediately felt very emotional upon meeting her. She is a lady of much grace, warmth and sadness.

I told her I understand how she must be feeling and assured her that we would not be pulling the house down and we want to bring it back to it's original state, for which she was grateful.
I also told her about my girls and she exclaimed "You are lovely, I'm so glad it is going to you".

We walked around together and her son showed me pieces of furniture that I could have if I wanted them. Some of them will be very useful, he was happy not to have to shift them and I was very grateful for his generosity. He is now 61 and grew up there since he was 1 years old, as an only child. He also told me some of his mothers history, which was fascinating as she came to Australia as a 15 year old to escape WWII.

Half an hour later we departed as friends, but before I left I told them that they were welcome to come over any time for a chat, a cuppa and to see our progress.

It was meant to be.


Lyndel said…
Oh Alison, that is lovely, I am sure, having lived there for so long, she was attached to the home, and worried about its future. She'll be much happier now, for knowing you♥
What a lovely story. It will make your house even more special, knowing the loving family that had gone before. It's always a good day when you make some new friends.
Catherine said…
That is so lovely... I'm sure that it has helped the previous owner so much to meet you and hear that you will care for the house
Lovely story, Alison, and it's wonderful to know a little about the owner's history. I think you're right, it WAS meant to be!
inmypencilcase said…
I bet the lovely old lady will have a good sleep tonight. Nice!
Kate said…
Gorgeous! I bet you make the whole thing so much easier for her and how much nicer for you. It was certainly meant to be indeed.
Oh Alison that's WONDERFUL....I have a lump in my throat & my eyes are tearing after reading of your encounter with the original owners....How SAD it must have been for them to have sold their Family home & yet, now after a chance meeting with yourself....NOT so.... :o) !!

THANKS for sharing....!!!!!

Tamarah :o)
Anonymous said…
great blog...I totally love this post!

ps I want to invite you to my first Giveaway


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