Vintage Finds

Oh what a fun week I've had.

Don't you just love "What's In The Box".
The box is metal.

The answer is at the end of this post, see if you can guess, no cheating now.

Anodised glasses with stand but with one missing, no problem I have several already. He..he..he
All this for a total of $6.50.

I do love naf covered hangers.

Two pink single sheets and the purple ones have been sewn together at the short ends to make one very long sheet. Why? The mind boggles. I'll be unpicking those babies.

A green leather jacket with a couple of buttons missing. WHO CARES!! I only paid $8.50. I'll use the buttons from the sleeves so that they match, then decide whether I want buttons on sleeves or not.

Porcelain doll with something a bit different.

Look!! A flip top head, she's quite small so I'm guessing "pills".
Any other idea's.

A porcelain puddy cat, which I nearly left behind until I turned it over, saw the stamp, then saw the price $4.00. It's mine! Snatch! Not even a chip. Ha..ha..ha.


Christopher Vine boxes in perfect condition, one with draw and lid, the other hold stationary with bra's in the corner.
At $2.00 I thought they would look sweet on my desk.

Heaps of yummy stripy vintage fabric or a country tablecloth.


Did you guess right?

Vintage green divider cards with paper (which was still wrapped in plastic)
and scrummy yellow with red lined cards.
I don't really want to use this for recipes, perhaps craft ideas with drawings?
I usually do that in a notebook though.
Any ideas??


zigsma said…
What excellent, truly excellent, finds. Where do you op? Thornbury area? Tell me one of your secrets and I'll tell you one of mine... :)
Anonymous said…
wow, what lovely finds. i really like the beatrix potter cat! have a lovely weekend.

Lyndel said…
I love the box of filing cards, don't know what I would do with them either, but they are really cool. I love old stationery.
Alison said…
Yes! You guessed right. Northcote, Thornbury. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Now tell me one of yours.
Vintage Scapes said…
I love the Potter kitty!
i would write craft ideas on those filing cards. and then abc them... can't help it, i'm library obsessed, i guess.
zigsma said…
Mont Albert village. Sssshhh...
Sarah said…
Goodness, what fabulous finds! I wonder if the porcelain doll with the flip head may have held solid perfume or cream of some kind? The tin with the cards is sooo cool, I would use it for recipes but I think it would be nice with crafty ideas too. x
Tanya said…
Well I'll be! A Beswick backstamp!

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