Meet our newest family member Miss Pixie Ann.

We adopted one year old Pixie 10 days ago from a shelter, where she was rescued from starvation two months prior. I spotted her sweet face on line from hundreds of homeless cats, then we drove 45 minutes to spend an hour at the shelter getting to know her and to make sure she wanted us to be her family, then brought her home. The girls are very excited that she is with us, as this is their first four legged friend.

She is such a loving little cat, and we are thrilled to be able to give her a home full of fun, love and lots of yummy food. She has settled in well and loves nothing better than to cuddle up to us and to play with the girls.


Anonymous said…
Well done you! Pixie is so classy; she reminds me of our last cat, both in colour and expression.

I love that more people are purchasing their pets from shelters now. We have 2 dogs and a cat, all purchased from different shelters in Victoria and NSW during the past 5 years. They make such loving pets.

I hope you and your family have many, many happy years with Pixie in your lives.

Anonymous said…
aww, she's a sweetie. what a lovely story!

Flotsam Friends said…
Alison, she's really special. She has a friendly, sweet face. I can't tell you how amazing having a cat around is. Ours brings us so much happiness daily... And they're so clean and easy! She's lucky you found her. Pruxxx
Tanya said…
Good on you Alison. She is so sweet. She looks quite a young cat. We have always got our dogs from RSPCA too. If only people would have their animals fixed.
Miss Snow said…
She's just beautiful!
Kate said…
Oh how exciting for your whole family.
If she is anything like our Pixie, she'll be the best and most loving companion ever.
Lillabilly said…
How very exciting for you all - I can imagine your girls are over the moon!! Pixie is just gorgeous...I especially love her name!
Allana said…
HI Pixie! She is gorgeous :)
but does she look gorgeous, or what?
and oh, hm, dignified?!

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