Tuesday's Treasures

The first of Autumn and it's a great Autumn day with the sun coming out in between showers.

It's that time again to start thinking about rugging up for the cooler weather, so for today's treasures from Made It I am featuring wool in all it's snuggly glory.


Calico Lane


Allana said…
The weather is the same here today too. I have been thinking about snuggly warm things for our wardrobes also. I love all your Made It finds :)
Kate said…
It is freeeeeeeezing here today! You could wear all of the divine creations above, all at once and still feel chilly I think.
Keep cozy. XX
What has happened to our summer? I wonder if Bugalugs Handmade makes that crocheted green cardie in adult size? It is divine...
What a YUMMY bunch of knitted TREASURES Alison....I LOVE the socks....!

I actually found a GORGEOUS shrug today in an op-shop....I'll try & send you a pic....Soon....!

I've TOO been wondering where in the HECK our summer's gone....I think we've had one or two uncomfortable days & now the days are getting darker & Autumn's approaching....I can't help but feel a little ripped off.... ** sigh ** .... I guess there's always NEXT summer....!!

Hope you're having a STELLAR week Lovey....!

Tamarah :o)
Nastia said…
it's funny how on this side of the world it's the first days of spring... it seems so fascinating to think about these differences~ :)

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