Heirloom Garden

I'm exhausted, as today I assisted in a school excursion into the city with the grade 1-2 classes. We walked to the station, caught the train, then looked at all the unusual vegies available on display, then had a play at the park in the rain down by the river.

I had six children in my care, which was lots of fun, however by the end of the day they were so tired, I had several children hanging off me, dragging their tired feet back to school.

Phew! I'll sleep well tonight.

I would so love this car. Imagine pootling around to the local markets in this little beauty.

Ava and friend inspecting goodies.


Lyndel said…
Oh Alison, it is a Citroen 2CV and I had one in 1969 when I lived in Germany! Sky blue, I loved that car!
inmypencilcase said…
Great photos ! Love that car
BOB & MABEL said…
Gorgeous car and lovely pics. I'm sure the kiddies had the best day.

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