Slumber Party

We are still recovering from Sarah's Friday night slumber 8th birthday party.

This was her first ever sleep over at our place and it all went well except for not much sleep. Yawn!

We chose Friday night as I thought maybe, just maybe, they might be tired after a week of school as well as her friends could be there in the morning for her birthday on the Saturday.

We ate and played games in the park, then on dusk went home for cake, then snuggled in the lounge for a movie, before bed.

I also invited one of Ava's friends, so that she wouldn't be left out. I must say the girls all played well together and were a dream to look after. Yes, we had lots of giggles, screaming and chatter and finally around 11.30pm all was silent, only to be awoken at 6am for it all to start again.

We let out a sigh of relief when pick up came at 10am. I had heard later that most of the girls had naps later in the morning, however my poor tired Ava had to go to another party later that day. Sleep glorious sleep, couldn't come soon enough, even on Sunday we still felt tired, however that didn't stop me hunting for goodies at some local garage sales and markets, more on that another time.

We were thankful it was successful and it's over for now till Ava's birthday in a few weeks. AAHHH!!!

Good old fashioned three legged race.

Treasure hunt success.

Scary faces.

Snuggling up on the floor.

Pressie unwrapping time.

Pajama balloon jumping fun.


Sue said…
Luckily they all went to sleep at 11:30! Our girl sleepovers always seem to have chatting lasting for longer than that. It looks like they had lots of fun!
I love that you had good old fashioned games. Theres nothing to compare with them!
Lillabilly said…
I love, love, love those cupcakes...soooo pretty!! The icing is gorgeous. May I ask...did you bake them in those wrappers or bake them first then put them into the wrappers?
Looks like a fun party with yummy cupcakes! Lots of pics to look back on in years to come!
Alison said…
The cupcakes were made using my super duper easy chocolate cake recipe (I will share this recipe soon)that I then divided into the wrappers for baking. I did put more into them than I should have as they bubbled up over the top, so some of the wrappers were marked, otherwise all went well and with lots of frosting and careful positioning nobody noticed that some wrappers were marked.

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