Moomba Magic

Monday was a public holiday in Melbourne and it was the Moomba Festival Parade. Moomba is Australia's oldest parade and has been celebrated since the 1950's and I had never been before. It was a lot of fun with so much going on, floats that were brilliant and made us laugh. The girls got lots of attention with high fives from the passing parade. Fun, fun, fun.

Steampunk madness, love it.

Vintage caravaning.

How's this for recycling, water bottles made into drums. The sound was brilliant.

Love her ski outfit.

The best jazz bike around.

Hello Ian "Molly" Meldrum, not sure if he was an Egyptian King or Queen.

This tree came right up to us and freaked us out.

Loved these cool jumping kangaroos


Oh Alison it looks like it was a TERRIFIC parade....!! I really should try & go NEXT year as I've NEVER been myself.... :o) !!

HEAVENS but the girls look like they're growing....!!!!!

Hope you're having an AWESOME week....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)
BOB & MABEL said…
The parade looks like so much fun, my kiddies would love it too.
Lillabilly said…
You guys got a public holiday!?? NO FAIR! Where's a public holiday for Brissy?? Heeeheee@ Molly Meldrum though and I LOVE that vintage caravan!
Lyndel said…
oh what a great day out. The weather was perfect and I so wanted hubby to go with me, but he wanted to stay home... next year def!
I've been in Melb for 30 years this year, never been to the Parade.
Anonymous said…
i remember going to the moomba parade when i was a kid. looks like you guys had a great time!

Cissie said…
Such diversity in the parade, each float looking extra special, it obviously was a great day filled with humour and energy.
That ski girl must have been in agony next day, I don't think I could adopt that pose for longer than a minute.
Gaby said…
I've never heard of this before - sounds like so much fun!
Looks like it was a great parade. Love the vintage caravan!

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