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Where does my time go? I seem to be so busy these days, that I haven't even had time to post and wander amongst my favourite blogs. Now that can't be good, I have missed seeing what's been going on.

I did however manage to get to a local garage sale where I picked up some vintage goodies.

I originally left this case behind as I do have Ah! Hm! several. However once I got home it kept calling to me, so I went back and it was still there, it was MINE.

This is no ordinary case.

Look! It's for picnics. Now all I have to do it search for sweet vintage goodies to go in it.

These Tupperware cups will not be for the case, but I liked the 70's colours, they also come with lids. The teacups are Kingsley-ware from the 50's.

Lastly single and double chenille bedspreads.

For more vintage goodies, pop over to Sophies.


What a sweet picnic hamper. You did the right thing - it would have been a shame to leave it behind...
Lovely finds, especially those chenille bedspreads, I got a plain pink one just like that a couple of years ago at a garaga sale, you can't leave those behind!!
Hey Alison....!

I SO KNOW what you mean....Just WHERE does the time go....** sigh ** ....!

GREAT finds as ALWAYS my Friend....Love....LOVE....L-O-V-E the Tupperware....I find I THOSE colours from the 70's have really been call to me of late....CONFLICTING to say the least....!

Enjoy the rest of your week....!

Tamarah :o)
Wonderful finds - all of them. My favourite are the tupperware cups and, like you, I love those colours.

Have a good week.
Nastia said…
this picnic case is awesome, i've been wanting something like that for a while... saw one in a children's store lol. lucky kids.
Lillabilly said…
I just LOVE those bedspreads - so pretty! Apart from the obvious vintage decorating and craft value they are just so nostalgic! Totally wishing I could stumble across ones like those.
zigsma said…
Oh the bedspreads! The bedspreads!!
Bounty Huntress said…
Good finds! I'm glad to see so many others have been also busy these past few's means I haven't missed as much as I thought I would!
Michelle said…
I have a set of those Tupperware cups too! With their little built in coasters. I have red, yellow, green and orange ones. Fun stuff! My kids use them to drink in everyday.
Catherine said…
ah, amazing finds! I love the 70s tupperware cups too...
I love the cups!! Fantastic colors!
Thank you so much for featuring my ring!

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