Wood Collecting

Wood collecting for our fire is just another way for us to save some money.

Last year we spent almost $600 on having red gum delivered to our door in Melbourne.

I can remember when I was a small girl going out in the bush for a day as a family. Dad would fire up the chainsaw and us kids helped to fill up the trailer. Mum would have a packed lunch for us with sandwiches, cakes and there would be a thermos for a cuppa. We would arrive home with our trailer full of timber for the winter, tired after a big day out to a bowl of hot soup and buttered toast.

I looked back on those memories with fondness as I told my family this story.

My man never had that experience, he grew up in Sydney where the weather is a bit warmer and his father was not much of a DIY kind of guy. He says he would have liked to have had a dad like my dad was, who's attitude was "why pay someone else to do something that I can do myself".

So a few weeks ago, I researched where about's we were allowed to cut and collect timber. We packed sandwiches, muffins and a thermos and headed out bush.

The girls helped and played, Andy felt very manly with a big tool to play with, we saved ourselves a lot of money and we all had a great day out, but for me the best thing was we put to use again my dear departed fathers trailer. I like to think he'd be very happy that he's passed on some of his resourcefulness to his youngest daughter.


Allana said…
It sure can be an expensive outlay having a wood burning fire can't it, although I guess still cheaper than running inefficient electric heating. We are getting quotes to have our new Nectre Bakers oven installed, hopefully with it's wetback running and are fortunate we have access to enough timber for the foreseeable future, and that Andrew is able to fell/cut and collect for us. Your idea of a family day out sounds lovely though, and what a nice tradition to be continuing :)
simmone said…
We are in sunny Qld and we love our fire (hasn't been on yet though)We love a trip out to the parent's farm to get wood, lots of fun despite the work. Would hate to think what our power bill would be otherwise. I love how you have your Dad's trailer.
Allison said…
he would be very proud indeed. we chop all our wood from the in laws property....there is something very rewarding (and cavemanish) about warming your home with wood you have felled. yay for dads trailer! x

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