Look at what arrived in the mail today.

Hidden within it's pages is treasure.

Each page is filled with beautiful images awaiting a touch of colour to awaken them.

With the use of some of the most divine pencils we have in our collection, this book will come alive.
This is not for my children but for ME, all mine, mine, mine.

For years I've sat on the sidelines watching my girls pour colour out onto pages, wishing that I could join in on the fun. Sometimes I would be allowed to participate but mostly just watching, looking at their enjoyment, but now it's my turn.

I have allowed myself the ultimate indulgence of just sitting at the table and colouring in between the lines.

Why did I ever stop, I don't know but I do know that I can't wait to sit down and start filling in the blanks with colour, I feel very self indulgent and you know what, I like it.

I fell in love with this book as soon as I was it on a shelf, I thought about buying it for the girls when I just really wanted it for myself. I walked out of that shop empty handed and heavy hearted, after a few weeks I thought why not, I deserve something that's not sensible, something that's not practical something a bit different to enjoy and I'm hugging it with glee.

Let the colouring begin.


Allison said…
perfect therapy!!...don't forget to show us when you finish one (I`ll mark it out of 10!)..x
Meg said…
What a fabulous book....and how relaxing....I have always had a passion for Derwent pencils
Zara said…
I miss colouring in.
this looks like my type of book.
ally said…
I'm buying this as soon as I find it - I love colouring!!
Tanya Murray said…
I have ordered one right away! My youngest (adult) daughter still loves to colour in. I'll pop this aside for Christmas ;)
Loved the look of this book so much that I just bought it on Ebay....looking forward to revisiting my childhood...

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