Vintage Finds

Isn't this something special.

I found this large jardiniere at a garage sale of all places.
In fact I found heaps of amazing things there.
I still can't believe it was mine for a $10.

This has to be one of my favourite all time finds.

I found this last month, it's just taken me a while to post about. 
I have been busy trying to declutter and have not been out 
hunting this month, well not much anyway. He..he..he..

This was another find from the same place.
I just love it and it's shiny red bottom.

A cheerful sugar bowl

Four cups and a creamer for the grand total of $2.50


Bungalowgirl said…
Oh the pick for me would be that colourful sugar bowl- it is just like a garden of colour. I am on a self imposed ban of op shopping during the reno- too much stuff to still get rid of! mel x
Allison said…
oh great finds Al. I adore that retro dish with the red bottom!...and I have the coffee pot to match your creamer. flowers usually call it home. Ive been making an effort to curb the op/garage shopping....its kinda working :0 x
Susan said…
Fabulous finds! I love those old jardinieres, I have 2 of my Grandma's in a similar design.
Love the 1950's bowl in the artist's palette shape.
That Allison of "Just Underneath" will have a Pinochhio nose by the time the sun comes up tomorrow. "Making an effort to curb the op shopping" ... pfft!
Zara said…
The sugar bowl is my absolute fav.
You've found some real treasures there.
Biddy Martha said…
Love your cheerful sugar-bowl and all the other goodiesx

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