Friday, May 31, 2013

Lap Wrap

When I'm sitting down at the computer or at the sewing machine my legs have been getting cold.
 Now in the past I've just put a blankie over them but then when I get up, of course it falls off.

Well I've come up with a solution, an apron that's warm.

Using an old wool skirt which I cut up and some wool fabric scraps I put together the lap wrap, 
complete with handy pocket.

So now I have a warm lap that moves with me.


Allison said...

pure genius!!..wowzers I love your boots!!..please tell me they were op shopped so then I can tease you back!! xxx

Susan said...

Practical and clever! Not making comparisons, but I've just done a patching job with old tartan scraps on both my "girls" (dogs) pyjamas - er, make that dog jackets - to cover wear and tear areas and I think it looks really 'cool'.

Bungalowgirl said...

Love it! mel x

Tanya Murray said...

Well what a good idea! Loved your special finds last post too. Oh I wish I still had some cupboard space! One day someone is going to have exciting finds at my garage sale when I am dead and gone LOL

Zara said...

You smarty- what a great idea.

Biddy Martha said...

That is acex

tess said...

what a wonderful, elegant solution for the chills, beautiful combination of fabrics

Trudy said...

The Lap Wrap ... I love it!!