Snug Rug

The weather is getting colder now and my big black girl Lucy huddles into her bed.

In the past I've put a blankie over her only to find that it falls off as she wriggles around to get comfy,
so thought I should make her a snuggle rug to keep her warmer.

Using an old blanket and with a rough idea of the shape I needed I cut it out.
 I asked her to model for me so I could make some minor adjustments till I was happy with the fit, she looked at me with her big brown eyes and patiently sat till I was done. 

It wraps together at her chest and joined with velcro, I added some loose fitting elastic
 under her belly and again used velcro to join it, so it should stay in place.

She was pretty happy when I fitted it on her and snuggled straight into bed,
I hadn't even finished the edges.

I was thinking of making it a double layer and quilting them together but maybe I'll have to make another one as I don't think she wants to give this one up.


Meg said…
awwww....she looks so cute!
Little Nan said…
As snug as a bug in a rug! She looks super comfy and looks like she appreciates it too!! x
Allana said…
Aww, so cute and what a great thrifty idea! :)

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