Declutter Declutter

The time has come.

I am officially over the clutter in our house and shed.

Now I love to collect pretty and useful things from op shops, 
garage sales and hard rubbish but I'm starting to feel overwhelmed with it all.

For years I've been keeping things in boxes, putting them in the shed thinking that
 I will use that one day, when in reality it has just stayed in the box. 

The bookcases are loaded with books that I've read but will never read again 
or books that I've never read but have kept for so many years.

Why keep so many when I can just read what the library has to offer.

What I'm selling now

I have so many clothes that don't fit but I've kept thinking they'll fit me one day. 
Shoes, coats, dresses, my wardrobe is so full I can't shut it.
There's kitchen crockery and glassware that never get used. 

Years and years of collecting, heaps and heaps of stuff that's been taking up space. 
It's madness I say, MADNESS!

So it's time to let it go and in the process feel lighter and calmer with room to breath, 
room to move and room for my creativity to flow. 

The added bonus would also be to make a little pocket money along the way, 
especially since we now have no income. 
I like to think that all this stuff can now actually serve a purpose 
and that I kept it for a rainy day which has now arrived.

I will always love the thrill of the chase, the hunt for a bargain and the excitement of a curb side find but I will try and keep it under control until I've culled the huge pile of stuff that I spent hours on the weekend sorting out in the shed. 

What will be coming up for sale soon.

If your interested in what I have on offer I will be uploading items 
continually on Ebay here or Etsy located in the side bar.

I can see this will be a long process but a necessary one as we continue to make changes
 towards a calmer, slower, happier life, plus we will now have room to
 tinker away on all the bits of furniture that need renovating in the shed.


Bungalowgirl said…
I can very much relate to this. We have spent the last 5 month decluttering in readiness for moving house and renovating and the sense of lightness that comes is wonderful. Not to mention all the extra cash coming in through ebay and gumtree. I think this is a great plan for bringing in some extra money while your hubby looks for a new job. Gumtree is great for larger items and it is free- we just sold our kitchen, carport,kitchenette and wardrobe this way. mel x

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