Find Of The Year

Get a look at this.
I have been jumping about with joy since yesterday.

This beautiful chair I found in hard rubbish.
Yeah! HARD RUBBISH! Who'd have thunk it.

I was driving along when my heart skipped a beat, because there on the curb side was this chair. But wait, there's more.

There was not one chair, but TWO.
Two beautiful leather chairs and I had to have them.

I heaved and pulled and somehow with superwoman strength managed to get one into the back of my car, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get the second one in.
So I took the seat from it, turned it over so it didn't look too attractive and sped off to take the first one home, about a 20 min drive one way. Once I had unloaded it (a bit easier coming out) I then raced back for the other, hoping and praying all the time that it was still there, which it was. YAY!!!
Then another back breaking lift into the back.

When Andy got home, I did the big unveil and he couldn't believe his eyes.

We both had been hankering after a crusty old leather chair for our library room, but couldn't justify spending all that money just yet and now hey presto, two lovely chairs all for free (chiropractic bill not included).

I'm so happy it comes with cracked leather arms, it gives it so much character, just how I like it.

Today I also saw two beautiful green Chesterfield replica's with a swivel base, but unfortunately had to leave them as they were too big for my car and sooo heavy. I hope someone else got them as they would have just ended up in a rubbish truck. Shame.


CurlyPops said…
Gorgeous! Such a fantastic find. It's always really surprising to see what people throw out.
I think possibly you have the find of the year!!
Nelly said…
Oh you lucky woman.They are goooorrrrrrggeeeeeUSSS
I dont get people throwing these things away havnt they heard of opshops?I see so many things at the dump shop that could have been donated and alot is stuck out in the weather.
Anyway congrats on that wonderful find!!xx
What a score it amazes me what people throw out, though we can't complain too much when it means we get goodies like these for free!
Bungalowgirl said…
You are a total legend. You must enter that into that find of the year comp over at herlibraryadventures, you might win some more goodies. melx
chrisartist said…
They are gorgeous. Good friends of mine have a suite like this I think it's Moran.
Some leather restorer will feed the leather and prevent it from tearing without losing the character.
Enjoy your amazing find. I look forward to seeing the library room.
Have a great weekend.
Totally awesome. In fact, I'm speechless and so jealous that we don't have hard rubbish day in the UK.
Liz said…
Great - can't believe someone threw them out!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger
Lea said…
great finds, funny post too and quick thinking in taking the seat.hahaha.
What a great find! Reckon that chair would make a great reading spot.
Funkbunny said…
wow, amazing find. Well done
Allana said…
Oh my goodness! Who would throw those away! Well done for wrangling them in the car, I would have done my darndest too! They will make perfect reading chairs *sigh* :) xx
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous, you've got to love an old chair. I must share my favourite chair with everyone. Yours look so comfy how nice are they going to be, curled up in reading a classic.
i like your hard rubbish street already! ;)
Jem said…
Is there anything more lovely than already aged, supple, scratched, cracked leathery chairs?! What a brilliant find!

Jem xXx
Cathy said…
LOL! fabulous find and a great story! Hope your back is okay!
NowSoLA Vintage said…
What an amazing find! Kudos to you and hope they are just perfect in your space!
Lordy! how cool is that? I love this hard rubbish idea, very jealous reading antipodean bloggers' stories. All we get is broken fridges.

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