I finally have completed some knitting projects that have been on the boil for a while.

This large scarflette is my own design and was knitted using reclaimed wool.

Many years ago I made a large crocheted granny rug not using small squares, but just going around and around. When I'd finished I never really liked it so it didn't get used, I just put it away in a cupboard. I finally decided to unravel it and reuse the wool for other project. This scarf is just the beginning as I have lots more wool to use.

My first ever cotton face washer.

This wrap is still in need of a lot more knitting. A while ago, Andy sat on it and broke one of the needles and I kind of lost interest in it and needed some smaller quicker projects to finish.

So perhaps now I will pick it up and have a go at finishing it.


Deb H. said…
The scarflette looks really cosy and warm. Sometimes we just need to rest from our projects for awhile and then return to them with more zest.
Allana said…
They look gorgeous, and your facewasher is so square, mine would be all out of shape! Quite cool here today, we still need knitted warmth I'm afraid!
PS. Could I have your new addy pretty please?

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