Vintage Hard Rubbish


Now did I have a fun few days trawling the back streets of Melbourne in my search for treasures to give new life to.

Some need a bit of work, others great as they are, but all are as I have found them, so when each one is looking it's best, I'll do a before and after.

Some I will keep, others will be for sale.

Here we go.

How could anyone put this cute little fella out in the rubbish.

This lovely old fan had its plug cut from the cord.
I might just have to have it repaired, as it's just fab.

Not old, but funky in their shabby rusticness and standing at over 30cm tall
these candle holders will look great at Christmas.

My car was full when I came across this and there was no way in the world
I was going to leave it, so onto the roof racks it went.

A new paint job and this will come up a treat.

A little worse for wear but after a visit to the Temple of Bunnings for a new timber top,
it will be good as new.

I can't pass an old wooden box.

A sweet timber box, just needs a bit of lovin.

Came with goodies to sort through.

A bit of a sand and a splash of paint is all that they need.

Old metal baskets, always useful.

An old sewing machine cover, now what on earth am I going to do with that.

A beautiful heavy metal bucket.

This old tool box will be great after a spruce up.
Useful as a plant holder or great for carry sauces and things for the bbq.

Not a bad loot and I found more at garage sales that I will show another day.


Nelly said…
Great loot that chook is a keeper I hope.
Tanya said…
Too hard to pick a favourite out of this lot but I think the metal bucket is a super find.
Kylie said…
I would not have been able to leave that lovely vintage planter behind either! I old wrought iron garden things like that.
Love the fan and hope you get it a new cord and I would have been thrilled to find those metal baskets. It's all great stuff.
simmone said…
You hit jackpot Alison,I love them all esp. the planter,and the wire baskets and the tables and ....
Bungalowgirl said…
What a fantastic curbside haul, cannot wait to see your makeovers. melx
Oh my! Beyond fabulousness. Speechless.
Liz said…
Love the tool box! Looking forward to seeing what you do with everything!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger
PJ said…
so jealous! great finds

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