Family Crafternoon

This afternoon we all sat around the table and got a production line going to make our Christmas cards for this year.

Andy - folding and cutting of card.
Sarah - pasting of paper cut from an old non English book.
Ava - stamping.
Me - cutting of paper and supervisor.

Simple and fun


What a great team you make...they look good. Those arm chairs you picked up on the side of the road are amazing....right place at the right time!!
Allana said…
What a lovely project to work on together. They look gorgeous! :)
Miss Snow said…
Oh lovely! Bet the kids had fun (and you too!)
chrisartist said…
What a lovely thing to do as a family. Well done!
How beautiful to receive one.
OOO i just did a post about hand made Christmas's. Go You!!!They look great.

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