Vintage Finds & Weekend Capers

Here are some small finds that we discovered hiding away in Doris.

For more vintage finds, visit Sophie here.

It's been go, go, go this w'end.

Friday night was a wee girls only Will & Kate wedding party at a friends house. Some bubbles, hmm! Well, lots of bubbles, nibbles and lots of laughs and squeals of horror and delight at the fashions.

Oct 30 1964

Saturday we were up early as it was a belated party for Ava with her friends. Slightly hung over I managed to decorate the cake, it wasn't a masterpiece, but it tasted good. Then it was over to Doris for a bit of tree trimming.

We have this fig tree right near the house and it is causing a bit of trouble. So I attacked it with gusto, sawing away like a mad woman working up a sweat. Meanwhile Andy was pottering along gently fixing a leaking tap and putting in a new shower head. The old one was suffering from being a bit limp.

Sunday we again visited the temple of Bunnings and bought a chainsaw, now I could have used that yesterday. Humph! We do have troublesome trees to cut down. Andy is enjoying acquiring his workman tools.

The rest of the day was spent scraping off wallpaper. We were now armed with a hired steamer, which made the task a lot easier, however we didn't finish in time, so more of that again next w'end.

Have a lovely week.


ah yes we are regular worshipers at the temple of Bunnings too.
Sue said…
Ooh how wonderful with your newspaper finds. I remember going to my auntie's shack once and there was all old newspapers under the floorboards. Wish I had them now to read, it would be so interesting!
Lyndel said…
wow nearly £9 for a 3 piece suit, when a secretary was earning £5/5/- a week!!!! great finds, those papers. Glad you too some 'me' time out to have fun at 'The Wedding'

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