Now I love greenery and will be planning a complete overhaul of the garden in the future, but some plants just have to go.

We found that most of the plants, trees in the garden are noxious weeds and are causing structural damage to the house (fig) and others are just plain poisonous if ingested by touching then putting hands to mouth (oleander). They are also blocking out the light as they are overgrown, so they have to go.

I suggested that we buy a chain saw to chop them down, I could also see many uses for it in the future once we acquire a combustion heater.

My man was very excited to get to play with a new toy.



The last one is too big for us to have a go at and it is also extremely close to both houses, so we have professionals in to do that one as well as grinding out the stumps.

The cost of removing this one tree is more than what the chain saw cost, so we are happy that we spent wisely, as we removed seven trees by ourselves and then spent all weekend going to the tip.

The underpinners are in today to start digging holes inside the master bedroom then under the verandah once the tree has gone. So in two weeks time they should be finished and we hopefully will have a straighter house, with a few more cracks in the plaster.


I love the difference your making to Doris. The white doors and fireplace along with the timber floor boards have given it a whole new look. So exciting!!
Found your blog this morning!

Looks like your husband is having WAY too much fun with that chainsaw!!
Sue said…
Glad to see that your noxious plants are gone. I bet your husband had lots of fun chopping them down. Arent cracks in the plaster annoying - we have them too from years of drought!
Olive Blue said…
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Olive Blue said…
Made an oopsy. Never give a man a chainsaw, mine never knows when to stop. Good luck with your cleanup and reno.
wendy hill said…
Being a tree lover im so glad you explained about the fact they were oleander. I wouldnt want that plant anywhere near my kids either. I remember beach walks when I was young and we would always pass by a certain plant on the way and every single time my mum would say to me how poisonous it is.
Have fun in your garden. You guys sure are tackling alot!
Lyndel said…
oh you guys are just so full of enthusiasm, lucky Doris! hope it's all going well and the rain wont stop the underpin guys.
Bounty Huntress said…
What fun to watch the transformation!
Flotsam Friends said…
Oh Doris, you are divine. Am loving watching the progress. Pruxxx
chrisartist said…
Doris is looking so loved now. Well done.

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