Mothers Day At Nanna's

I hope everyone enjoyed their Mothers Day, whether it was being a mum, spending it with your mum or someone else's mum.

It's been a bit crazy here the last week, with scraping off wallpaper, washing walls and filling cracks.

So today I awoke to breaky made for me, then the girls and myself drove to Geelong to spend the day with my mum and sister, while Andy got on with some more work at Doris.

I felt a bit guilty at first, ( hmm! a few seconds) but then was happy to have a break and enjoy a girlie day with family.

The girls on their old bikes I keep at nanna's.
Notice the knitted dress on Ava, I finally finished this yesterday.
More detailed photo's coming in another post.

Feeding ducks in the rain.


BOB & MABEL said…
Looks like you had a lovely day, even if it was raining. Love the dress, so very pretty.
Allana said…
Happy Mothers Day! What a lovely day you had and such gorgeous photos :) Love Ava's dress :)
Miss Snow said…
Glad you had such a lovely day - the girls look like they had fun too! xx
Anonymous said…
sounds like a fun day! happy mothers day to you. i look forward to seeing more of the knitted dress - times like these i wish i could knit!

Lyndel said…
hope you had a lovely Mothers Day, Alison. Love the photos, how's that 'Hug a Tree' one? brilliant!!♥
Bungalowgirl said…
Sounds like a real girls own adventure day. Love the teeny bit of the dress we can see peeking out- can't wait for the rest. Your girls are gorgeous by the way, we love curls around here too.
Catherine said…
happy mother's day! Glad you had a fun day, and a break from working on Doris! (are you living there already?)
bec said…
Happy Mother's day, cool mum! Love the knit; and yep, isn't that the best Mother's day treat- time to relax and enjoy?

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