Let the Light Shine In

With a south facing house in a Melbourne winter, you want as much light in as possible. All the house trims had been painted in dark brown, doors, skirting boards, window ledges.

We are not worrying about fixing the cracks at this stage as the house will shift after we have structural work done which will cause more cracking. We are just trying to brighten things up before our move in two weeks.



So we painted dusky pink walls a light creamy colour and dusky pink ceilings, white, but it wasn't until I attacked the window ledge armed with a white gloss enamel that the full transformation became apparent.

(I forgot to take a full picture of this window, which is annoying)


The room completely lifted and we went from dull to light.

Painted brown mantel

Now white
(Looking forward to removing old oil heater this coming week,
then I can paint the rest of fireplace)

Once the carpets are up then I will paint the skirting boards for the final touch.


Anonymous said…
you must be so pleased with it all alison! good on you, looks fabulous!!

Bungalowgirl said…
Doesn't a fresh coat of the right colour paint make the most amazing difference to a room. So pleased that the brown brown brown trim is all turning white. Top marks for most improved- the windows look glorious. Progress through the custard quite slow at our place, hoping for some long 2yo naps this week so I can get some more done. Mel:).
Lyndel said…
oh it's looking great! I do love that window with the white, and that glass!!♥♥
DuckEggBlue said…
That window is wonderful, deep set windows have the best ledges. White is just miraculous, looks great.
Im loving seeing these before and afters. Please keep them up. I dont know if you ever saw my villa transformation but we did a white out on everything too and it was amazing to watch happen. So empowering. Cant wait to do it again someday...x
It's looking great. Really enjoyed the before and after photos. It is hard to remember some times when you're engrossed in something to take those before shots. It will come automatic to you soon!!

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