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Last week I had the electricians in for 2 days, rewiring the lights, upgrading the power board and making everything safe. We had to remove the old lights as they weren't safe with old wiring.

The plumbers removed the old oil heater after much comedy capers the thing finally came out. They are back today to fit my new kitchen appliances. YAY!!

We have the gas company replacing the pipes as we had a gas leak, not sure how long that had been going on with the old lady living there but they moved very quick as it was extremely unsafe.

The inside photo taken for sale of house.
We inherited the table, not sure what to do with it yet.

Brown doors

Become white

The carpets came up yesterday.
We love the timber floor.
Notice the heater is finally gone.

With no time to scratch, we've been falling into bed around 9.30 each night exhausted.

Andy heads over to the house at 7am to let the tradesmen in, then off to work. I get the girls off to school then spend the day at the house till school pick up. I then take the girls to after school activities, make dinner, put the girls to bed, then do more packing to take boxes to Doris in the morning. Andy comes home from work for dinner, then back over to Doris for more work, then back home at 9.30. Then it all starts again the next day and so on, but we are making progress. We will be moving in this coming weekend and sleeping on our camping beds till our big furniture comes over on Monday.


zigsma said…
I love the floors too! And such a gorgeous fireplace.
robyn lee said…
Popped in to see how the renovations are coming along...what an absolutely incredible transformation so far..I am falling in love with your beautiful Doris. Don't wear yourselves out - too late for that?
Bungalowgirl said…
Pat yourselves on the back- you have done so much in such a short time. The paintjob is looking fantastic and those floorboards look glorious. Makes the whole place smell better with fresh paint and getting rid of grungy old carpet. Our walls are filthy and I feel like I'm finally getting rid of all the energy from the previous owners with every coat of paint I slap on. Hope your move goes smoothly. melx
Lyndel said…
looking gorgeous already!! hope all goes well with the move.
wendy hill said…
Its such a great home with huge potential and the white doors have already made a big difference. The floors look so good and fresh and bare is always nice.
It sure looks like youre having fun with it all and ill be thinking of you over the weekend.
Happy Moving:)
Melissa said…
so exciting and brings back memories of our move into out "renovators delight' 8 years ago....we are still renovating!! love seeing the updates.
DuckEggBlue said…
oh well done it's looking just gorgeous.
karlyn Jackson said…
It's looking so good already.
Bounty Huntress said…
I LOVE your doors and your floors!

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