Knitted Dress

Walking to school this morning in the cold and the rain, I asked Ava to take off her warm cardi so I could take some pic's of her new dress that I finally finished last week. She was more than happy to model for the camera.

I hadn't ironed the front to stop it rolling down, but I think you get the idea.

This took me longer than expected but I'm pleased with the end result.

I picked up another unfinished project last night, where the wool is thicker and the needles larger, so I'm cracking along with this one now.


Anonymous said…
gosh that looks fantastic! so cosy and snug. love it.

BOB & MABEL said…
Its gorgeous, you've done a great job!
Oh such a cute rainbow girl! You are clever.
Utterly fab and Ava looks adorable.
WendyB said…
Oh bless, how pretty and warm does your wee girl look in this dress.. what a wonderful job you made, the colours are awesome.
Lyndel said…
oh she looks fantastic. Lovely dress on a beautiful model!
beautiful! What yarn is that?
Bungalowgirl said…
Love the dress, the rainbow wool is lovely and the little frilly kick around the bottom is so cute. Love how she has coordinated her beanie and stockings to go with it- very cute. I am looking for a little dress pattern to crochet as I can't knit- very inspiring. Mel.
Sue said…
Very cute and perfect for the cold weather.
Alison said…
The wool is a German sock wool called opal. It is about $20 a ball and for this dress I used 2 balls with some left over.

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