Vintage Finds

A few country op shops, a car boot sale, some vintage finds and lots of fun later.

I did pay a bit of money for this vintage fishing basket from a Melbourne oppy, but I just had to have it.

I discovered this cute little sugar bowl for the bargain price of $1.00 in a small country oppy that was jammed packed full of stuff, where I had lots of fun rummaging around. The green leaves are attached to the bowl.

I also discovered these old teatowels there.

Crystal perfume bottle, doilies and this tin for $.50.

Odd saucer and cup.

When I see nanna knitted coat hangers I just have to snapped them up, this bundle was $1.00.

Close to where I live are warehouse apartment's where artists live and they had this wonderful car boot sale last weekend where I found some vintage clothes, which I haven't photographed yet and some lovely old crockery.

Stall holders modeling some finds.

Another sweet sugar bowl.

Nibble bowl

For more fab finds visit Sophie at Her Library Adventures.


Aimee said…
oooh, i love that fishing basket! :)
BOB & MABEL said…
You certainly did get some fab finds. Really love the orange sugar bowl and basket.
Wow! You got so much ! I love the tea cups and saucers (both lots) the most but its all GOOOOD!
Cherie said…
You're my kind of girl, all fun and fab finds, well done, I'd be smiling too ;) Hope you have a wonderful week.
Tanya said…
Price for the fishing basket totally justifiable! Sugar bowls are a bit of a fave too.
what great finds! love that basket :)

kel x
somehow i expect a fish to pop up from such a basket, it is lovely! and worn...
I love your finds especially sugar bowl with the flowers

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