Knit & Sew

Somehow while keeping the wee ones entertained I managed to find some time to craft.

This time with my little puss designs, instead of making them from felted wool, I made this one from a vintage tablecloth.

I finished this cloche hat while we were driving home from Hanging Rock, and NO I wasn't driving as well.

I asked Sarah to model for me, but it is a ladies size.


Sue said…
Love the hat, what pattern is it?
Jem said…
ooooh...that hat is great!
Tallulahbelles said…
love the puss cat made from vintage tablecloth absolutely divine
Alyssa said…
Oooh, I love the kitty. Very cute! I remember seeing that hat pattern on Rav, too, I think. Looks like it knits up well.
Kate said…
How cool is that hat!
I love it so much.
And what a gorgeous model you have too.
Lauren said…
What a cute model! The cat is great!
Alison said…
I copied this pattern from a library book and have no idea which one, sorry.

If you'd like a copy, I can scan it and email it to you, just let me know.

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