Big Boy Creche

We are back from a week of camping at Warrnambool and are all a bit tired, so I am keeping this short, but I have lots to share in the days ahead.

On a day trip to the historic village of Port Fairy, ( the girls loved the name as it must be a place where lots of fairies live) we were wandering along the street when I spied this sign.

Bargain indeed!!


Catherine said…
clever sign! did you end up using their service?
Lillabilly said…
Ha ha, I love it! Clearly they employ someone who's a bit clever.
Alison said…
It was a bit early in the day (10.30) to drop him off. You could imagine the state he'd be in by the end of the day. Ha..ha.ha
That's a great sign, I wonder if they get any takers? I've heard Port Fairy is a lovely town, we must visit it one day. I look forward to your pictures of it. You've had lots of great find at the op shops...well done!

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